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Anonymous asked: 1. I'm fat 2. I'm lightskin but my neck is black as hell , 3. I have eczema on both of my arms really bad 4. My arms are so fat and floppy , it's hard finding shirts in the summer with sleeves 5. I have dandruff really bad , I could comb my hair and it will be all over my shirt and ... 6. My nose is HUGE



1. You’re not “fat”, you have fat, and there’s not necessarily a flaw unless you’re sincerely not happy/ comfortable with yourself. 2. So. If you’re not happy with that, I’m sure there’s ways to rectify it if u wanted. Lemon is a natural lightener by the way. Do your research. And definitely try exfoliating your neck to see if that helps. 3. Just watched this amazing video from 1 of my fave Youtubers on eczema. Search ctkimmy and watch her latest video on it. She shares some helpful tips. 4. If you’re unhappy with your arms, try toning them. Lift some simple 5 to 10 lbs weights and use some firming lotion until you get your desired look. Denim jackets and sheer kimonos are good for wearing during the summer with sleeveless tops. 5. I’ve heard of head and shoulders shampoo and sulfur 8 products. Research those. Oh and make sure you’re washing your hair often enough and moisturizing, and 6) my nose is huge too but I’m comfortable with it. If you’re not, there’s ways to contour it with makeup if u want to go that route but for the most part for all of your problems, self acceptance is key. Hope this helps.



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